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Colorful Toys

Make Room for Play

helping you simplify for a calmer home and more playful days

Too many toys can be overwhelming for both children and caregivers. Sarah has created two options to help you combat overwhelm and embrace playful days.

Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and get your children to play independently? Do you feel like you are drowning in toys that no one actually plays with? Do you struggle to know what to let go of and what to keep? Sarah has been helping families fight toy and play overwhelm to bring more play to their days for over five years and is ready to help you do the same!

Make Room For Play eBook

Sarah has collected all of her best tips into one easy to use resource - "Make Room For Play" is a short eBook that will help you move from overstimulated to peaceful in four simple steps. Having less toys really does lead to more play - and Make Room for Play will help you get there! 

Book a Play Consultation

Looking for more individualized solutions to play and play spaces in your home? Book a play consultation with Sarah. A toy consult may be for you if you need extra guidance in tackling toy overwhelm, need help starting a toy rotation, need help organizing play spaces, or have a specific play pain point you want expert advice on. 

Book a Play Consultation

Expert advice for your play or play space struggles.

Play consultations consist of a play pain point survey, a one hour video call with Sarah, a summary of action items to work through, and a month of support via email after our meeting. 

Cost: $150

    Toddler with Toys

    Families are saying...

    Annie - Make Room For Play

    "I felt so overwhelmed by toys. I didn't know what to keep or what to get rid of. Make Room for Play gave me a step-by-step plan to declutter and organize my kids' toys so they actually play with them!"

    Alie - Playroom Consult

    "Before Sarah, our playroom always felt overwhelming. It was overwhelmed with toys, and overwhelming to clean up! Sarah helped us to prioritize what toys we should keep, and showed us how to organize them in an inviting way. Now the toys actually get played with, and the best part is that it's a manageable amount of toys, so the kids can clean up themselves!"
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