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Nature play today

a curriculum for young children

Heading out into nature with young children can be overwhelming. Nature Play Today is filled with simple ideas to get you out the door and exploring, so that you can spend less time planning and more time connecting!

Nature Play Today is a year-round curriculum designed to help you get outside with your toddlers and preschoolers.  Each month's guide will help you dive into a different nature topic while learning through play - with guided nature walks, book lists, art ideas, play extensions, fingerplays and more.

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Nature Play Today FAQs

What age range is the curriculum designed for?
The nature facts, play extensions, and art projects are best suited for children between 2 and 5 years old. The curriculum is designed for family use, with playful, open-ended ideas and activities. A wide range of children can enjoy it with adaptations.

Will Nature Play Today work if we live in an area that doesn't have seasons? What about different climates?
This curriculum is designed loosely around Northern Hemisphere seasons (we cover winter in January, for instance), but there are ideas for families that live in a variety of climates.

Is the product digital?
Yes - you will get a digital Nature Guide sent straight to your inbox each month, with plenty of time to prepare for the next month's nature explorations. These digital guides include a free printable to use in your nature learning.

Do you need to have access to a lot of natural space or specific natural areas?

No! Nature is everywhere - and I have lots of suggestions for finding places to play wherever you live. It will be helpful to have a place to visit for nature walks - but this could be a city park or trail, a backyard, or a nature preserve.


Can I use this curriculum in my early childhood classroom?
Yes! It will help if you have access to a natural area for exploration, but the ideas and activities will translate well to a classroom setting.

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Nature Play Today ties together the hours of these precious days of childhood and helps to develop a foundational relationship with nature that reminds us to look up and out and at the wonders all around us.


Can’t thank you enough for this curriculum! We have all LOVED it and learned so much! It has helped us find new things to do outside every month while still being flexible and encouraging lots of exploration! I'll definitely be using it again this fall and am excited to see the growth in my kiddos!


Thank you for creating the Nature Play Today resource. It is fantastic! I am enjoying using it with my own 2.5 year old, and weaving elements into my inclusive preschool classroom.

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