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Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Welcome to

Simplifying Play

Helping you reduce parenting overwhelm to make room for more play in your days. 

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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I’m an early childhood educator, mom of two busy kids, and play advocate.


I am passionate about making play accessible to all families through simple ideas and research backed tips. My mission is to help caregivers use the power of play to fight overwhelm.​

Let's play. Together. 

I'm looking for...

Simplifying Play Spaces

Feeling overwhelmed by the toys in your home? Chances are your children are overwhelmed, too! Get ready to overhaul your play spaces by grabbing a copy of Sarah’s ebook all about making space for play or booking a play consulation!

Accesible Nature Play

Embrace the power of nature play while connecting with your child by using Nature Play Today, a year-round guide to getting outside. Join families around the world as they explore, create, read, and play outside!


Sarah loves bringing her passion for play and simplifying to parent groups and school communities. From staff professional development to inspiring caregivers, Sarah is available for in person and virtual presentations!

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