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8 Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I love to plan a couple of simple DIYs each holiday season - it's a fun way to add a little love all wrapped up. Making homemade gifts for holidays is such a great idea in theory but can add some extra stress to an already packed season! I love to plan a couple of simple DIYs each holiday season - it's a fun way to add a little love all wrapped up. Thus, my requirements for the ideas shared in this list are:

  1. Doesn't require a million tools or supplies

  2. Don't require super crafty skills

  3. Will actually inspire play for the little ones in your life.

This list is divided into baby gifts, blocks, pretend play, and kits!

Homemade Gifts for Babies

When I was an infant teacher, I made sensory bottles all the time - they were always such a hit with all of the little ones. I've made tons for my daughters, as well - a simple google search will bring up so many creative ideas, but I like to keep the bottles small, colorful, and simple! This tutorial from The Kavanaugh Report is excellent.

Another great homemade gift idea is DIY fine motor toys from recycled materials. The Imagination Tree shares 4 different ideas in this post!

Block DIYs

DIY Nature Blocks: Grab some sticks and a hand saw to make these nature blocks from Adventure in a Box. Perfect for budding builders or little nature enthusiasts.

Homemade Chalkboard Town: Scrap wood and chalkboard paint makes for an awesome city block play! Love that an eraser and chalk can inspire all new city play.

Pretend Play DIYs

Wood Block Groceries DIY: This wood grocery DIY is made with scrap wood - and includes adorable, free downloadable labels! Pair with some small reusable bags and inspire all sorts of grocery store and kitchen play.

Doll Diapers and Wipes DIY : These adorable diapers and doll wipes can extend baby doll play in all new ways! Not up for sewing? Try this no-sew version!

DIY Kits

DIY Fort Building Kit: What kid doesn't love to build and play in forts? This simple fort kit can be made with items from around your house, and will lead to hours of playtime! I love that it's all contained in a bag for easy storage, too!

Playdough Kits : Have you ever made a play dough kit? This is one of my favorite low-cost DIYs to gift nieces and nephews - and it's always such a hit with the little ones in our life. Mama, Papa, and Bubba has many kit DIYs on their site, like this dino one and this unicorn kit!

DIY Sewing Kit: This DIY is super unique and perfect for a preschooler or early elementary student who wants to learn to sew! You could find lots of these items, like the basket and the embroidery hoops at a thrift store!

Looking for more gift guides? See the full list here!

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