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Unique Art Supply Gifts for Creative Kids

I love gifting art supplies to kids - they encourage creativity, spark imagination, and best of all - are totally consumable gifts! These are some of our favorite art supplies to encourage process art!

A word about process art: process allows children to choose, direct, and explore many different elements of art creation. There is no emphasis on a finished product but instead on the process of creation. Letting kids guide their own art making builds creativity, self-esteem, and art skills! When shopping for art supplies, I prefer open ended items over craft kits because the art making possibilities are so much higher!! Here are our favorite art supplies for gifting and creating!

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Makedo Cardboard Construction tools: These cardboard tools are a game changer for creative kids who love building. The kit includes tools for scoring, cutting, and screwing cardboard - allowing kids to safely cut and assemble cardboard. Build forts, costumes, robots, whatever you can dream up! Use code SIMPLIFYINGPLAY10 for 10% off your full order!

Rainbow Tape: Do you have a kid who loves stickers? Consider grabbing them a pack of this rainbow tape! It tops the list of my kids' favorite art supply - they use it to decorate cardboard and paper, to create designs on the floor or wall (it peels off just like blue painters tape!), and more. Already have rainbow tape? Check out this next product...

We LOVE this Sparkle Washi Tape from Target. It's easy to tear and peel off of surfaces, and what kid can resist shiny, sparkly tape? It's one of our top gifts to give at friend's birthday parties!

Smooth Stix are a unique writing tool. They are gel crayons that are easy to color with - and they include a paintbrush because when you add a bit of water, the drawing you did turns into WATERCOLORS. So fun!

Tempera paint sticks go on paper smoothly and dry in less than two minutes. They are washable and perfect for painting paper, wood, and rocks! We have tried a few brands of these and always come back to the classic - Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip company. If you haven't tried paint sticks yet, what are you waiting for?

Liquid Watercolors are hands down my favorite art supply to have on hand. The vibrant colors are perfect for painting with, but we also use the watercolors to color water for sensory play, in science experiments, and to paint wood items! We store ours in these little paint cups for easy access.

Another creative art material? Creatibles Air Dry Clay! This set of 12 colors of clay comes with 3 tools so that you can create all sorts of cool designs. The clay is easy to mold, mix, and create with - and the finished product dries soft and a little squishy. We can't get enough of it!

Of course you can't make art without something to create ON! We love these sketchbooks that come in a pack of 4! Pair a mini sketchpad with a creative writing utensil, like the Ooly Smooth Sticks, and you've got a great consumable gift. We also love Melissa and Doug Easel paper - I roll it out on our table and let my kids make BIG art together. Other favorites are white cardstock, watercolor paper from Michaels, and plain old construction paper!

One final recommendation - pair those new art supplies with a book full of inspiring project art ideas. These books are a great place to start: Play Make Create by Meri Cherry

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