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Oliver and the Night Giants: A Magical Bedtime Story

Looking for a sweet bedtime story that tackles bullying, creativity, and imagination? Kitty O’Meara’s latest children’s book checks all the boxes and more!

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“Oliver and The Night Giants” is a magical bedtime story about creativity and imagination. Oliver is a little boy who is teased for a picture he painted. He goes to bed feeling defeated and is awoken by 3 giants who ask for his help in tending and mending the world. Oliver leaves on an adventure: painting the moon, making stars shine more brightly, molding snowflakes, singing seas still, and more. Throughout the story, the giants embrace Oliver’s ideas and creativity. They take him home and send him off to sleep with the reminder that the world is made by those that follow their dreams!

This book is a BIG 12 inches tall that begs to be cherished and read again and again. We loved the beautiful, colorful illustrations and night time scenes. We also loved the message of creativity. As a house that loves and embraces all forms of creativity - painting, dancing, singing, building, sculpting - as a form of play, we adored the message of encouragement for young creators. Above all, “Oliver and the Night Giants” is a calming bedtime story that reads like a beloved folk tale!

The book inspired me to set up a little transient art invitation. Transient art is simply creating moveable art with loose parts, and it’s an easy way to inspire creativity! I set out the book, black felt, glow in the dark stars, sparkly pompoms, foam circle moons, and peg people. The kids had so much fun using the materials to create night sky scenes.

"Oliver and the Night Giants" releases on October 24th and is available for preorder via Tra Publishing or on Amazon.

Kitty O’Meara, a lifelong artist and former middle school teacher and hospital chaplain, is now the best selling author of three delightful children's books. We loved her newest book and have equally enjoyed her earlier books. Each book tackles difficult topics in a lyrical, accessible way. "The Rare, Tiny Flower" is about seeing issues from multiple perspectives and finding common ground. Her first book, “And The People Stayed Home” is based on her viral poem from the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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