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The Best Outdoor Play Toys for Preschoolers: Spring Birthdays and Easter Baskets

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor play toy stash. We have spring birthdays at our house - and we typically do a small Easter basket for our girls, as well. These gift giving occasions are the perfect time to restock chalk, bubbles, and other consumable outdoor play items. I had so much fun rounding up this list of smaller items to gift to inspire outdoor play!

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  1. Monarch Kite - welcome spring and enjoy windy days with this adorable kite

  2. Giant Bubble kit - pack for your next picnic or park visit

  3. Hape Pocket Swing - take a swing anywhere you go! All you need are two trees and this awesome kit. (This is totally on Hazel’s April birthday list!)

  4. Steven Joseph Pop Up Umbrella - we have two of these delightful umbrellas and they make rainy days and puddle hopping so much more fun!

  5. Backpack Explorer Nature Trail Book - an interactive book and journal for your next outdoor adventure, perfect for preschoolers and early elementary kids. The bird watch edition would pair well with the window bird feeder below!

  6. Stomp Rocket - this classic toy will get your kids stomping, running, and chasing the colorful rockets all over the place

  7. Window Bird Feeder - get an up-close view of birds as they feed right outside your window

  8. Sensory Stones - the perfect addition to mud pies and sandbox play! Comes in multiple varieties, including vegetables, fruit, and foods of the world!

  9. Traffic cones - We use cones to mark chalk roads, as soccer goals, and as bases for whiffle ball play!

Looking to go more the recycled/DIY route this spring? Check out these ideas!

Recycled Water Jug - This might not look like much but a water source kids can use themselves is one of the biggest play-launchers in our yard! We use a big detergent jug that has been cleaned well, and I fill it daily. You can also search thrift stores for plastic water dispensers.

DIY Water Wall - We haven't made a water wall yet but I think it would be a total hit in our back yard. I love the DIY posts Science Sparks shares in this post!

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard - We added a chalkboard to our yard the first summer we lived in our house. We followed these instructions from Hey There, Home, and our chalkboard has survived five Michigan winters and is still kicking (and being colored on regularly!).

Looking to really dive into outdoor nature play this year? Grab a copy of my nature curriculum, Nature Play Today. Designed to help young children and their families connect while playing together outside, Nature Play Today is a year-round digital curriculum. It's filled with guided nature walks, book recommendations, art and play ideas, and outdoor play inspiration.

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