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Toddler Gift Guide - 12 Gifts You Won't Regret in Two Days

Looking for a gift for a toddler in your life that will not completely annoy you after a few days? These gift ideas in this list will captivate your toddler while also providing for play for years to come! Toddlers love transporting (packing and moving items from place to place), are beginning to show interest in building and are developing their pretend play skills every day!

I've included Amazon links and small shop links when applicable - as well as 2 homemade toys. Toys don't need to be fancy or expensive for them to have loads of play potential.

Note: for the purposes of this gift guide, "toddler" refers to children between one and three years of age. However, these toys are perfect for children who are playing by exploring cause and effect, who love moving things around the house, and who are beginning to demonstrate some pretend play skills!

Simplifying Play is a participant of the Amazon Affiliate Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links in this post are Amazon links.

Fat Brain Toys Marble Run: Toddlers love to experiment with dropping, throwing, and rolling things. This large track helps channel that interest into fun play! Other great trajectory play ramps: the Hape roller derby was a longtime hit at our house, and this car ramp version is also so fun!

Green Toys Wagon: We love this toy so much we have two! The perfect size for toting favorite toys inside and outside, a beloved activity for most toddlers. Want to shop small? Buy the wagon from our favorite toy store, Hopscotch Toy Store! Other great toys for toddler transporting play: the Melissa and Doug shopping cart and this doll stroller is used for so many different pretend play scenarios at our house!

Melissa and Doug School Bus: Another toy I could sing the praises of for days - my toddler received this bus as a one year old and it's still seeing daily play almost two years later. What started as putting in, taking out play has turned into pretend play as she has grown. So fun! The airplane version is on my almost 3 year old's Christmas list.

Jumbo Jungle Animals: Another toy to encourage early pretend play - toy animals! These soft plastic animals are perfect for small hands - and come in pets and farm versions, as well.

Unit Blocks: There is a reason these blocks get recommended all the time - they are super high quality and are the perfect first block set. When I first purchased these, I only put out 20 at a time, but as the girls have gotten older, they have access to the full set AND pieces from a second set I purchased second hand!

Kinderfeet Board: This open ended gross motor toy is perfect for getting toddler wiggles out. Stand and rock back and forth, prop it on a couch for a small slide, flip it over and roll cars over it, use it for a boat or baby cradle or doctor's office table... the possibilities are endless!

Toddler Tuffo Suit: The Tuffo suit makes the gift list because it will allow you to get outside with your toddler in all sorts of weather - perfect for jumping in giant puddles or crawling on wet grass or playing outside on those days when snow is melting and everything is so wet!

Cook In a Book interactive books: Another non-toy gift - interactive board books are perfect for engaging a wiggly toddler audience. These cooking books get toddlers mixing, chopping, flipping, and more as they cook different types of food. Per Comes in pancakes (above), tacos, pizza, and cookies!

Melissa and Doug Farm Puzzle

And two handmade gifts, perfect for little builders!

DIY Nature Blocks: Grab some sticks and a hand saw to make these nature blocks from Adventure in a Box.

Homemade Chalkboard Town: Scrap wood and chalkboard paint makes for an awesome city block play!

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